MySQL is a requirement for NCompPOS to work.

1 Download and Run Mysql server from MySQL
2 You will see the below screen at the start, click "Next" on it.

3 Select "Complete" and then press the "Next".

4 Click "Install", The installer will perform actions for a while, installing the software.

5 Click "Next" across all the windows until below screen is visible.
6 Click "Finish", Make sure the "Configure the MySQL Server now" are Selected and then press the "Finish" Button.

7 Click "Next" across all the windows until below screen is visible.
8 Select "Detailed Configuration" then press "Next".

9 Select "Developer Machine" option then "Next".

10 Select "Multifunctional Database" option then "Next".

11 Select "Decision Support (DSS)/OLAP" Option then "Next".

12 Make sure "Enable TCP/IP Networking" and "Add firewall exception for this port" is selected then "Next".

13 Select "Standard Character Set" Option then "Next".

14 Make sure both "Install As Windows Service" and "Include Bin Directory in Windows PATH" are selected then "Next".

15 Make sure "Modify Security settings" and "Enable root access from remote machines" are Selected, then type your Password and Confirm it (Remember what the Password is you will need it later) then "Next".

NB: If you neglected to select "Enable root access from remote machines" the MySQL won't be visible from other computers.

16 Press "Execute", during the process note if there are any errors.

NB: If the process fails uninstall MySQL and delete all MySQL files then start from scratch.
NB: Also make sure your Antivirus software is not blocking port 3306.

17 On the last screen click "Finish" then you are done.

For directions to Install NCompPOS click here

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