MySQL is a requirement for NCompPOS to function, click here for instructions to install MySQL.

Follow the following steps to install NCompPOS (This instructions is for a single computer install).
1 Download NCompPOS.
2 Click "Next" on the Bellow screen.

3 Click "Next" on the Bellow screen.

4 Click "Next" on the Bellow screen.

5 Click "Next" on the Bellow screen.

6 Click "Install" on the Bellow screen.

7 Wait for the copy process to Finish
8 Make sure "Check if this is a server Install / MySQL Server must be installed first" option is selected. Then press "Finish"

9 Enter the correct info below.
NB: With the "MySQL root Password" value you need to enter the password you entered in the mysql install process.
NB: If you don't know the other values keep the default values it should work, except the password.

10 Then Click "Install Database". If the below screen just disappears then everything worked fine.

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