We will be using the following software Release Exporter. I am using Ubuntu linux so this directions is for Ubuntu 20.04 or Ubuntu 22.04.

There is 2 installation options

  1. Install via pip
    pip install release-exporter​
  2. Or download the latest release from Github
  3. Then extract the release into an folder then run in the folder the following command
    sudo python3 setup.py install​
  4. This will install the rex command into linux.
  5. If its a private repository you will need to create a github token. Directions to create token on Github. I created a classic token. Scopes selected the repo scope which include repo:status, repo_deployment, public_repo, repo:invite, security_events.
  6. To run the software go to your repository folder and run the following command. You will need to add the token part if its a private repository.
    rex --token <your token> markdown​
  7. After the above command was run there will be a file called "CHANGELOG.md" in your repository folder.

Hope this helps

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