NComp is a South African company it was establish in 2006. It has 3 main software products: EN Forms, NCompPOS and iDurance. It is easy to use. Our software is freeware. EN forms is our first web app. With EN Forms you can create, manage & host forms. NcompPOS is a Multibranch Point of sale software. Customization on any program can be done at your request at a low cost.


Let us do the work for you. We create, manage & host forms. Forms are easily accessible on any device. It can be completed anywhere on any browser. Results can be exported in seconds.
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Provides Free Point of Sale Software Designed for the Small to Medium Sized Retailer. Handling all your Point of Sale, Invoice and Back Office Needs. NCompPOS is Easy to Use.
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This training app is free to download. Are you training for Ironman, Cycling or any other endurance sport. iDurance training tool is or you. It is a Windows based app that keeps a accurate account of all your training.
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Niel Buys, our Computer Software developer. Programming in the following languages PHP, HTML5, CSS, Delphi and COBOL. He works at WineMS, where he manages a support team. The WineMS software manages cellar processes and more. Niel was born in 1974, he is married with one child.
Elize Buys, our Web Software developer. Designed and manages the content of and support lead on all NComp Software. She creates and manages forms at EN Forms. She completed a Developing Web Applications with PHP, short course at UNISA with distinction. She was born in 1974, married with one child.