Get detailed info of the Idurance main screen.


Idurance Main screen

1. Setup Menu - This menu has a collection of options for changing the settings of the app. The following items are present Edit User Details, Setup Sport Types, Setup Supplements, Setup Course and Setup Type of Training.

2. Reports Menu -  Here you will find a collection of Reports. This section should expand with each new app release.

3. Export Menu - There is a couple of options to choose like Export selected entries to csv, Backup data, Export User Data, Export user setup and Restore Data.

4. Edit Menu - This is a collection of functions to edit your log data.

5. Help Menu - Help options and About screen.

6. Find us on Menu - Here you will find all the links to, Facebook and You Tube.

7. Choose Sport Type - Select the sport you want to see. The graph also show the selected data.

8. Reset Columns - If you tick this the log grid will reset to default settings after you restart the Idurance software.

9. Log tab - This shows all the log data in a grid. The Graph at the bottom also shows this selections data.

10. Plan tab - This shows all the plan data in a grid. The Graph also shows this selection data. On the Plan tab its possible to copy a plan item to the log with one button click.

11. Column selection - You can select the columns you want to see or hide on this button.

12. Grid - This represents the log list. depending on which tab is selected it will show the log or plan data. Double click on a entry to open the item.

13. Add new log - You add a new log or plan entry depending on which tab you selected.

14. Graph selection - Here you select the graph you want to see. The app will remember which graph you selected with your previous run and it will start up on that graph.

15. Graph - This is your Graph it will show the graph depending on the item selected at 14.

16. Graph Date select - Here you can select the date range your log / plan graph should show, there is a tick if you want the app to remember the date range.

17. Close Button - Close the app with this button.