Running Idurance for the first time and having trouble.


Select User Screen

The first screen has 3 purposes add a new user, import a user or select a user.

Trying the software for the first time, you can use the default user called "Test User". (When you open the app for the first time it will show the User setup screen first)

Complete the following steps on the first screen.
1. Select the user called 'Test User' in the drop down box 
2. Click the Select button that will start the app and go into the next screen.

You will be presented with the main screen. (Your screen will not have any log entries)

Idurance Main screen

At first we need to setup the basic setup of the software. Press on the top left on 'Setup -> Edit User Details', the following screen will open.

Idurance app user settings screen

 Complete the following on this screen.

1. Change the 'Test user' in the User name box to your own name.
2. Change the Birth date to your birth date.
3. Change the Max heart rate box if you have the info its not required.
4. Put in your length in the box called Length then choose meters or feet.
5. Put in your Weight in the box called Weight then choose kg or lbs.
5. Press on 'Close and Save'

Next choose your sport. If your sport is not in the drop down list called 'Choose sport type' then go to the menu item called 'Setup -> Setup Sport Types' then the following screen will open.

Sport type screen

Click on the '+' button to enter a new sport type, enter your sport name into the description box.
Select the Unit your sport will use.
Lastly click on the mark button to save the sport type.

Close the screen and choose the sport on the main screen.

You can start to complete your first Log by clicking on the 'Add New Log' or click on the 'Plan' tab and click on the 'Add new Plan' Button to add a plan.

For detailed explanation of the main screen click here