Download iDurance training app free. Are you training for Ironman, Cycling, Running or any other endurance sport. The idurance training tool is for you. And it is free. It is a Windows based app that keeps a accurate account of all your training. Multi sport, Multi user, and database managed.

If you are a keen sportsman and feel that other software packages are not very handy for multi sport and multiple users and leave you feeling like something is missing. This app is for you. Included here is a short introduction - you can also have a look at our help files.

As indicated this app is totally free. It can be used for multi sport tracking and new features can be implemented by request. The easiest way to describe the app is a Windows based electronic logbook. With features for advanced and recreational sportsman and woman.

Idurance training app is ideal for Ironman athletes looking to record multi sport events and plan their training. Information is clear and displayed on a single screen. A Graph Displays Your Data on the front page.

You can view individual sports or all available sports. iDurance calculates your distance per week, per month, Pace, BMI and advanced functions like your WHO Blood pressure classification. Record your supplements and general conditions for the day. An easy tab gives you the option to add notes.

iDurance also has the function to log and plan your training by day and activity. So comparing your plan and training has never been easier. Looking for an endurance solution download the iDurance training app today and help us develop the future.


Idurance Training Log Software